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~ Dark Cyradis ~

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Being sappy in the midst of paper-writing... [Apr. 3rd, 2005|11:23 pm]
~ Dark Cyradis ~
[mood |nostalgicnostalgic]
[music |"Days" by shela]

Well, I'm in the midst of slaving away on my Milton paper... =__=;; --so it's time for a quick update!! ^^;;;

I had just woken from a short nap tonight at around 10pm, feeling oddly bereft. I still can't remember what I was dreaming about, but waking to the stillness of dorms full of students locked away in their rooms frantically doing all their weekend homework left me with this somewhat lonely feeling. Kemmy still isn't back from her weekend at Vanderbilt either, so I didn't even have her bustle and energy to fill our room up. Just as I was coming back from the bathroom from washing my face, I heard my phone ringing. It was my dad, who just called for no reason. It was his day off today, he said, but he'd spent it fixing a car for his brother and had just gotten back, all tired and gritty from the day. It was so nice to hear him talk about what he was up to (he's taking a one-month class on making digital movies! ^^ He even got a perfect score on his first quiz!! <3 <3 <3). We had a nice chat and it was really good to hear the reassurance of his voice after that weird dream but... man, I feel so guilty. It's been a crammed and crazy month, and between this activity and that meeting and this party and that paper and whatever else, I hadn't called home in perhaps three weeks. Still, my dad knew just when to call when I wanted to hear someone's voice. I'm such a sucky daughter... it makes me feel all the more useless and ungrateful whenever my parents show how much they care about me and I'm so wrapped up in my own life and pursuing whatever I selfishly want to, however far away it takes me from them. My sis and I are one of the few comforts they have these days, and I just keep running off to chase one dream after another. =__= Gaah, sorry for the gloom and ranting... it's that time of the month and emotions come spilling out. Baring my soul here is the best way I can ease the guilt so I can pull myself back together to do all the five million things I'm supposed to do-- so, sorry you guys have to listen to my whining. -__-;;

Well, on a lighter note, last night was a lot of fun. ^^ Faizah, Dave, Jie, Dom, Min (THE Min--the "mean, old" (j/k) boss of the CAs Min!), Zoe, Jason, and I took Jeanny-chan out to MISO for her birthday! ^^ Actually, her bday was on Thursday, but this being the time of year it is (read: finals approaching, and the BlueJAY coming out on Friday morning in time for April Fools' Day ^^), we decided to postpone till Saturday. So I skipped my usual Anime Society screening after work and we all headed over in the driving rain to MISO. God that Sex on the Beach futomaki roll is AMAZING~~ It's got tempura shrimp on the inside and is topped with deliciously-marinated unagi (eel), a few yummy sauces and roe, and it's just the most winning combination ever! I just got that one roll with some miso soup and it was so filling! Every bite was a (ooey-gooey, oh-so-good) dream~~ *drool* Jie made fun of me for getting a shirley temple (hey, they're pretty good at MISO, and I've got bad memories of their alcoholic drinks :(), but maa, their martinis are too expensive. And I don't like beer, not even Japanese beer. >.< Still, we had a great time~ I hadn't seen most of them much these past few weeks, what with senior papers being due and all. MISO seems like designated birthday restaurant (hey, if you're gonna get treated for your big day, you may as well choose a nice place!)~ so many nice memories of friends toasting one another, laughing, making old jokes, sampling weird alcoholic beverages, dodging Jie's omnipresent camera, and so on all have that poshly-dim, pseudo-mod/Asian setting as its background. ^^ It's such a nice thing to have friends that you've become so close to, ne? More and more, I wish this year wouldn't end. Who knows when next we'll all be able to share a sashimi plate at MISO ne?

Haha, it all comes back to "Days" again, ne? That's so the theme song of my "Bright College Years." ^^

"Onaji toki wa ima wa ikiteru kiseki ga sugoku ureshii kara ne~ Tsugi au hi mo kitto ne, isshou ni waratte iyou ne?"

("I'm so, so happy for this miracle of being here at the same time you are. Next time we meet, for sure, let's laugh together again, okay?"...Gah, it sounds a lot better in Japanese... ^^;; )

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The Day My God Died [Mar. 30th, 2005|12:03 am]
~ Dark Cyradis ~

I'm just... devastated. I just saw a documentary called The Day My God Died about the unbelievably enormous and incomprehensibly vicious woman and child sex slave trade that is absolutely flourishing all over the world right now. This documentary looked in particular at the humongous sex slave trade in Kamthipura, the red light district of Bombay, India, but there is trafficking going on in nearly every country in the world-- including the US. 

Every day, 2500 new slaves are brought in from all parts of India and neighboring Nepal (and probably from Myanmar, too...), just to feed this ONE city's red light district! It's ridiculous, it's utterly insane!! And it happens without end because the police turn a blind eye for a weekly bribe (and often come back in plain clothes as customers), and there are just so many pimps and madames bent on milking this incredibly profitable trade (the world sex slave trade is now bigger/more lucrative than drug trafficking) for all it's worth. A decade ago, the film said, the average age of these brothel slaves was 20-30. Now, the average age is 14. AVERAGE age, meaning there are as many kids younger than 14 as there are women over that age!!

...It's staggering. Though there are groups like Sanlaap, Maiti Nepal and the International Justice Mission working tirelessly with their limited funds and man power to save as many girls as they can, they can only rescue several hundreds per year while several hundreds of thousands per year are being brought into the trade. And 90% of those who survive (indeed, 90% of all those in the sex slave trade) have HIV or other STDs... as though they weren't scarred enough by what's been done to them. Living in sub-human, sub-poverty levels, being beaten or starved or burned when they refuse to have sex... god, it's just unbelievable. But it's really happening. One girl who was rescued and interviewed in the film said that before she'd been abducted, she had dreamed of studying medicine and getting married. Now, even after being rescued and living comfortably in a shelter specifically for girls rescued from the trade, she no longer has any dreams. "I just feel at peace here. It's enough for me that I'm back in Nepal." She's only 15 years old.

...Reading Death Note, I always thought that if the Death Note fell into my hands, I would just destroy it like Kagami did in the original Death Note one-shot. But now... what I wouldn't give to have it. There are so many people in this trade, so many who KNOW what they're doing and how they are subjecting these children to the worst kind of hell and just don't care... they are the most unforgivable criminals in the world. I would absolutely kill them if I could.

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(no subject) [Mar. 15th, 2005|03:45 pm]
~ Dark Cyradis ~
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |"Life Goes On" by Mika Arisaka]

Nyaa ha, a fun, little quiz from _tensai_-san~ ^^

How *Good* are You?Collapse )

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Heheh, some quiz fun to alleviate midterms stress... [Mar. 2nd, 2005|12:27 am]
~ Dark Cyradis ~
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |"You Found Me" by Kelly Clarkson]

Yep, I should definitely be doing my mountains of homework... so what do I do instead? Take quizes I got off Beth's lj! ^^;;; Well, may as well stick'em here...

You Are 28 Years Old


20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

That's about right, huh? @_@;; ...But why am I at the opposite end of the decade from where I really am?? @_@;

Your Passion is Purple

Sophisticated and classy, you're a bit picky about sex. You're more likely to be turned on by a fancy hotel room than a dirty flick. Sex is fine enough, as long as it doesn't mess up your hair. For you, sex is more about power and favors than actually pleasure.


Ouch! What does that say about me? ^^;;; "More about power and favors than pleasure"... spoken like a true virgin. >.<


You Belong in New Zealand

Good on ya, mate You're the best looking one of the bunch Though you're often forgotten... You're quite proud of who you are

How cute! I'd totally go with this one! ^____^ If they don't have as many poisonous spiders as Australia, I might live there someday...

Well, that's enough quiz fun from me. Just four more days until Spring Break..!!! ^_______^


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Japan, here I come!!! [Feb. 23rd, 2005|06:25 pm]
~ Dark Cyradis ~
[mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[music |"Fafner in the Azure" by Saitou Tsuneyoshi]

I GOT THE LIGHT FELLOWSHIP!!!!!!!!!!! Yeeeeeeessssss~~!!!!!!! ^____________^

Japan, here I come~~~!!!!! All expenses paid, for a full year~~~!!! NYAAAA, at last! At long, long laaaaaaaaast~!!! MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

^^;;; Sorry for the incoherentness of this post... can't... think... clearly... smiling... too... big...!! ^_________________________^

Suupi ^^

P.S. I already emailed her, but CONGRATS to Mare on her engagement!!! ^_____________^
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Interviews galore~ [Feb. 16th, 2005|11:22 pm]
~ Dark Cyradis ~
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]
[music |"Spring Thunder" by Yellow Generation]

MISSION SUCCESSFUL!!!!!!!! (at least, I hope! ^^; )

So, both JET and Light interviews went very well, I think (I think? One of the JET interviewers didn't smile at me for most of the interview, but the guard explained that that's the "business face" @_@ I sure hope so~). The Japanese Consulate is really nice-- it's on the 18th and 19th floors of this official-looking building that has a huge Wachovia Bank branch at the bottom... the view from higher up (and the giant windows that lined the conference room I was ushered into really helped) gives you a look at NY that's really something else! ^^ (you can see sunlight! j/k)

As for the Light Fellowship, the interviewers were Carole (who smiled kindly the whole time ^^), the lady in charge of CLS (also VERY sweet), and Hiroe-sensei!! ^_____^ Kyaaan~ he's so cuuuuuute when he speaks English! (rare treat) And the interview was pretty short, which I hear is a good thing (like, they've more or less already decided to give it to you and they're just checking to see that you're not a psycho or something ^^;;; ). I really hope that's the case here~~~ ::fingers crossed:: Thank you to all those sweet people for making the interviews run so nice--and I hope they'll think favorably on me when it comes time to decide the results! @_@

Also, a big Happy 26th Anniversary to my adorable parents! (it was yesterday) Nyaa, my sis and I got them a gift certificate to a posh Thai fusion restaurant in Irvine Spectrum~~ we ordered them to go alone, but they're all like, "No, we don't want to celebrate without you girls. We'll wait till you come back." @_@;;; No romance at all... *sigh* Too devoted to their children, really... (although *I* shouldn't be the one complaining, I suppose ^^;;; ).

Valentine's Day was spent shopping for a business suit at the mall (got a really nice one-- chic but sober, if that's possible, massively marked down from $300 to $80--yay! ^^). And it fit me perfectly, which is rare! 0__0 But yeah, strutting through NYC in it was pretty cool-- ppl treat you differently. ^__~ Like, you can stalk straight into the gorgeous Roosevelt Hotel to use their clean "public" restroom (cuz that's one thing NYC is very scarce on!) and no one will look twice at you! The doorman even held the door... ^__^; Also stopped in Kino to pick up a copy of Animage February for me and Beth~~ kyaan, the Fafner feature is so awesome! ^^ Also had cake and coffee at their mini-cafe-- very cute and tasty! (tho be sure to bring cash, or face their $10 minimum for credit/debit cards... =__=) I also found the new Asahiya-- it's on 45th, between 5th and Madison. Much smaller than before, but still cute...

Okies, that's it for my adventures for now. Now that I've done my interviews, all I can do is "wait and hope" a la the Count of the Monte Cristo (or at least, the next episode previews). ^__~

Hope your Valentine's Day was awesome!!

Sumi ^^
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Hotta Yumi's New Manga!! [Feb. 13th, 2005|02:55 pm]
~ Dark Cyradis ~
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |"Together" by EXILE]

KYAAAAA!!!!!!! At last~~~~~!!!!! ^____________^

Some wonderful news from kamitra~~</span>

It looks like Hotta Yumi, the extremely talented writer of beloved Hikaru no Go, is finally working on a new manga series! According to this article, it'll start running in Shounen Jump on Valentine's Day~!! It's called Yuuto and it'll be about speed skating (like Apollo Ono speed skating ^^; ). The article says that speed skating doesn't have much of a following in Japan, which is probably why Hotta-sensei is taking it on--there's anticipation that she'll do for speed skating with Yuuto what she did for Go with Hikago (that is, make it insanely popular). ^^

The article writer mentions that the new artist she's working with (sorry, I suck at kanji in names... ^^; ) is pretty new-- this is his first serialized manga-- but that she's seen some of his work and he appears to be a good artist. (let's hope so!) I wish so much that Obata-sensei would ditch Death Note and come work on this, too (cuz as much as I love Death Note, I think Hotta Yumi is a much better writer than Ooba Megumi and thus deserves the great Obata artwork!! ...and they got along so well, too ;__; ), but maa. Hopefully the new guy will measure up and work as well with Hotta-sensei as Obata-sensei did.

^___^ Gahh, I can't wait to read this~!! Talk about a nice Valentine's Day present, huh? Nyaaa~~! <3 <3 <3 Can't wait to see what the next great rival relationship in manga will be, ne? (the new artists BETTER be good at bishounen!!)

This week is also my big week of interviews-- JET Program on Tuesday in New York, and Light Fellowship on Wednesday... I'd better start sleeping early so I don't look like the dead when I go in for the interviews... ^^;;


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Edward Elric... is surprisingly easy to write! [Feb. 3rd, 2005|02:55 pm]
~ Dark Cyradis ~
[mood |blahJust thinking...]
[music |"Watashi to Waltz wo" by Onitsuka Chihiro]

For Nily-san, the little Edward monologue I wrote post-series (which means LOTS AND LOTS of SPOILERS for those who haven't seen the last ep of FMA). But onward~ ^^ Just remember, this is kinda AU cuz Ed has somehow gotten back and has encountered what we've seen in Rizenbul in the last ep.

'Solitary Thoughts' - FMA post-series ficletCollapse )

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It's finally over~ [Jan. 23rd, 2005|06:31 pm]
~ Dark Cyradis ~
[mood |happyGratified]
[music |"Shangri-La" by angela]

It's done! Phew!! ^_______^

Thank you so much to everyone who came to Mochitsuki yesterday, braving the snowstorm, and even more to the wonderful, wonderful volunteers and JAY officers who put it all together! It was a shockingly smooth, crisis-less run for such a large event, and I'm glad everyone there had such a good time (those little kids were so happy and cute~ especially Nishimura-sensei's son! ^^). It was also amazing for me because it was my first time seeing both O-Tatsu and Minbuza Dance Troup perform, so this will be a long-lasting memory for me. ^______^

Afterwards, my whole body ached from running around in that 3 degree weather, carrying heavy things, and standing and washing dishes afterwards for a half hour. @_@; But, you know, it was very worth it to see how happy and excited all those ppl were... and I feel like I haven't let Rena and the other "Old JAY Birds" down. ^^ Still, thank god it's over! ^^;;

The big snowstorm of the decade that was supposed to pile up 24 inches of snow didn't hit us too bad (we only got like... 10 inches?). It did snow non-stop (and very heavily) for a full day starting from about 1pm Saturday, but it was all the soft, beautiful, powdery type of snow... walking home last night amid the fluffy, high piles of snow made me feel like I was in a Winter Wonderland. ^^ Endless stretches of untouched, impossibly smooth snow covered the ground and the reflection of the streetlights made them sparkle with a million, tiny points of light, like little stars or a lot of white glitter. ^^ Everything looked so different and... like, far-off. Famliar buildings like the Law School that I walk past everyday looked like medieval castles in the gloom, standing weathered and solid amidst the swirling snow. Especially cuz very few ppl were walking around outside, it felt like I was the only person alive in a hushed, magical world. ^^;; Weird idea, but that's how it felt...

Anyway, romantic scenery aside, I spent the night in tears--watching the last, hour-long episode of Soukyuu no Fafner with Beth. ^^ Man, I KNEW they were going to do what they did~~!!! >__< Well, I won't say anymore because I don't want to spoil it for anyone, but despite that, I was overall satisfied (and of course, moved beyond words... oh god, the last words in the series...!! ;__; ). The good thing is, they leave the door opening for a joyful reunion that will, hopefully, take place in the newly-annonced Fafner OVA! ^____^ So there is hope, and thus, a happy Suupi.

Also had such a great, loooong talk with Beth, who is a fangirl EXACTLY after my own heart. ^__^ (she's even read the Draco Trilogy!) It helped relieve a lot of akogare, because the worst thing is when you're bursting with feeling from some great anime or book or movie or something, and you NEED someone to discuss it with and can't find anyone who's seen it. :( So yeah, it was a very nice reward and end to the long days of Mochitsuki-planning. ^^ I also got my first 8-hour stretch of sleep in about two weeks! ^___^

So now, feeling refreshed, I turn back to a quiet life of schoolwork. It's just... after the transportedness of yesterday, what with the exciting new sights and tastes of Mochitsuki, the snowstorm, and the Fafner akogare, I don't feel quite here. @_@; (how ironic~ "anata wa soko ni imasu ka," indeed!) I'd better read some Milton to re-ground myself in reality... oh my god, did I just say that? Wow, if Milton is reality... @____@;;;;;;;;

Anyway, hope you all had a good (and not too snowy) weekend! ^^

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Mochitsuki Matsuri! It's here at last!! [Jan. 22nd, 2005|02:31 am]
~ Dark Cyradis ~
[mood |energeticHere we go, yo!!]
[music |Kazuki's Image Song: "Fluegel" by Makoto Ishii]

I just got back from SIX HOURS of cooking for Mochitsuki tomorrow... so... you'd better come eat all that good food!! ^__________^

The Japan Association of Yale is proud (and battle-worn) to present

MOCHITSUKI MATSURI: A Japanese New Year's Festival
Saturday, January 22nd, from 1-4pm
At the Off-Broadway Theater
Free and open to all!

Let me reitterate: free food. Free Japanese food. Lots and lots of free Japanese food! (Oden, ozouni soup, kamaboko (fishcakes), soba salad, inari sushi, and of course-- fresh-made MOCHI! ^^)

Also, we've hired professional Japanese folk dancers and the O-Tatsu Taiko Drumming Group to come and perform and give FREE workshops! We've also got an authentic, wooden kine (mallet) and usu (mortar) that people have traditionally used to pound the mochi, and you can try your hand at it!

I've been working on this thing for months, so I really hope you guys will be there to share it with me. It'll be a blast (and, it will be all indoors and before the snowstorm begins!). So please come and make Mochitsuki a real Yale tradition! ^________^


Edit: Wait, I have to plug Dport-- do you know why Davenport is the coolest college? On top of having the best coat of arms and dining hall staff, they're sponsoring Mochitsuki too!! DPORT ROCKS!!!! ^________^
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